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Keep stock visibility high and ensure every
movement is recorded in real time.

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Track stock levels and movement

Pro-Cloud BlueLight has been built around assets, offering the highest levels of stock visibility within stations and out in the field. Every stock movement is managed, including real time usage and valuation.

The integrated nature of the Pro-Cloud BlueLight goods in procedure, activity completion, scrap and stock loss functions are all integrated into hand-held scanning devices, ensuring that every asset movement is recorded in real time. Stock is also recorded and managed financially within the system in order to build in equipment depreciation.

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Offering only the best asset tagging options

Each asset has its own unique tracking number, that is created from GRN (goods received notice) to scrap and each move is recorded through a mobile device and or web interface. EAN 128 bar code, QR code, GS1, NFC and RFID asset tags can all be used with our fire and rescue asset management software as standard.

Benefit from...

Batch stock can be differentiated and configured to use a batch stock number

The Blue light asset management system is intelligent and can utilise unique supplier barcodes for scanning, removing the need to label assets

The system accommodates legacy bar codes so there is no need to re-label for the warehouse and collections process

Included in the solution is a perpetual and full stock take component

Move rules can be configured to stop invalid asset moves, i.e. high value stock cannot be scrapped without authorisation

The system has full third party supplier integration, managing stock on a services behalf. Activity completion can also be managed by a third party and can be extended to testing activities

The fire and rescue asset management solution has manual and automated min/max stock levels

The solution has full GRN management through scanning devices and can be integrated with purchasing solutions

The asset solution can be fully integrated with equipment catalogues including real-time stock levels shown to requisitioners