Why Pro-Cloud BlueLight?

Streamline the way you work with our market leading specialist asset management software

Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s Specialist Fire & Rescue Service Asset Management Software Solution

Pro-Cloud BlueLight is a hybrid software solution consisting of nine modules, which will facilitate the procedures throughout your entire service.

The asset and fleet management software solution has been designed to be totally configurable to your service, aiming to meet the asset management requirements of your organisation. An automatic generation function built into Pro-Cloud BlueLight means that you can create and track as many asset ID’s contained in as many locations as your service dictates. Using the asset tree, asset locations & sub locations that are built into Pro-Cloud BlueLight; makes managing your assets simple.

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Due to its enterprise schema, asset management doesn’t have to be localised to your station, offering capabilities to link, share, monitor and transfer assets at the touch of a button across associated stations in real time. Removing the need for new test regenerations and time consuming asset moves.

To make sure services are always up-to-date with vital equipment testing Pro-Cloud BlueLight automates planned maintenance schedules that are assigned to personnel through the Pro-Cloud BlueLight app, that can be used on any mobile or scanning device.

The solution is integrated through its data mart into the award winning Microsoft Business Intelligence Data Visualisation tool, creating dashboard and interactive reports to let service management visualise asset repair frequencies, life costs and nearly out of service reports. Visualisation allows for managing incomplete task frequency across stations and task fail rates, allowing improved compliance and resource management.

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“It was clear from the tendering process that Pro-Cloud AMS was a quality product that could meet our requirements and provide a value for money solution…”

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