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Pro-Cloud BlueLight is a fully configurable asset, fleet, task and test management software solution specifically designed to meet the ever demanding requirements of today's Fire and Rescue Services.

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Why choose Pro-Cloud BlueLight as your fire and rescue asset management system?

Fire & Rescue services across the country demand real time control and visibility of heavily utilised assets and inventories, not just in the workshops and stations but also in the theatre of service every day.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight is this control!

Bringing to you cost effective cloud based asset, task and test management software for today’s fire and rescue services.

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Pro-Cloud BlueLight is much more than a fire and rescue asset management system. A service can schedule maintenance & testing requirements, monitor workshop activity, manage fleets, centralise purchasing and report on every component through the use of Microsoft business intelligent reporting.

Cutting-edge asset tracking software for the fire and rescue service sector!

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Bring in-field working to your team

Using the Pro-Cloud BlueLight mobile app

for anytime, anywhere working.

Digitally Transform Your Fire and Rescue Service

Discover more about the Digital Transformation process by clicking on the blue lights around the map.

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Ensure your assets are always safe, usable and ready for action

With vigorous testing schedules and procedures

Fully configurable to the demands of today's fire and rescue services!

“Before we had BlueLight if equipment had been swapped i.e. move location, we would spend time and resources to ensure items were placed back in its original location. But now the item can stay in its new location as history and test stay with it and will now show up in its new location.

This has been a step forward for us moving from a paper-based system to a digital system. Allowing us to go paper light, freeing up time and resources which are needed for efficient and effective working.”


County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service

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