What Are the Benefits of an Asset Management System?

benefits of pro-cloud
Whether you’re a large corporation or an SME, it is important to manage assets big and small in order to maintain high standards of efficiency and ensure everything is up to date across all levels of your organisation. We’ll be going through how Pro-Cloud, our asset management software solution, can…

Which Pro-Cloud Solution is The Best For You?

which pro-cloud solution is best for you
At CSS we provide several asset management software solutions for a wide array of industries of all sizes, ranging from well-known media groups to local NHS trusts. While asset management may appear to be a one-size-fits-all experience, working with a multitude of sectors and industries enables us to provide you…

Naughty or Nice?

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The Naughty and Nice List of Asset Management ‘Tis the season to run effective asset management! Whether it means making the most of Zebra hardware, following every process to the letter or just as Santa ensures all presents go to the right people, effective asset management means tagging your inventory…

3 Benefits of an Asset Management App

3 benefits of an asset management app
In today’s digital age, managing assets efficiently and effectively is crucial for any organisation. Asset management software has become a go-to solution to streamline processes and help keep track of important assets. But with the rise of mobile technology, it’s becoming increasingly important for asset management solutions to be accessible…

Asset Management for Fire and Rescue Services

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With fire and rescue equipment being subject to wear and tear in intense environments, it’s crucial to have access to important information about each asset in your inventory. Whether that’s the maintenance schedule and service history, the length of time it’s been registered with your organisation, or even the supplier’s…

Pro-Cloud at The Emergency Services Show 2023

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We recently had the privilege of attending the Emergency Services Show at the NEC, where we proudly showcased Pro-Cloud Public Safety – our comprehensive asset and consumable management system designed for the public sector. The two-day event provided an invaluable opportunity for our entire team to engage with a diverse…

Everything You Need to Know about SaaS

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  SaaS is a term you might see a lot in online circles or tech publications and it’s thrown around so often that its meaning can become slightly obscured. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”. Through a subscription, a user is given access to externally-hosted software that provides them…

Benefits of a Combined Software Solution

combined software hardware blog
Benefits of a Combined Software and Hardware Asset Management Solution Managing assets effectively is no small task. For ongoing accurate asset data items need to be tracked throughout their whole lifecycle, databases for their information need to be comprehensive, and every single process needs to be logged, verified, and authenticated.…

BlueLight Tasks & Tests

bluelight tasks and tests for fire and rescue services
Pro-Cloud BlueLight has a vast amount of modules on offer to help fire and rescue services to maximise their operational efficiencies, ranging from inventory management to fleet monitoring. But today we’re highlighting the Task and Testing Board and how our BlueLight software helps services take their operations to the next…

Why is Software Support Important?

why is software support important
  At CSS we’re proud of our exemplary software support services and continuously strive to deliver the best technical guidance. Read on to find out why a support service is important when procuring a software platform and how we use different support services throughout CSS. What is software support? In…