BlueLight Tasks & Tests

bluelight tasks and tests for fire and rescue services
Pro-Cloud BlueLight has a vast amount of modules on offer to help fire and rescue services to maximise their operational efficiencies, ranging from inventory management to fleet monitoring. But today we’re highlighting the Task and Testing Board and how our BlueLight software helps services take their operations to the next…

Why is Software Support Important?

why is software support important
  At CSS we’re proud of our exemplary software support services and continuously strive to deliver the best technical guidance. Read on to find out why a support service is important when procuring a software platform and how we use different support services throughout CSS. What is software support? In…

Cyber Security Guide

cyber security guide
The last few years have shown us that Cyber Security is more important than ever before, with the rise of remote working and the automation of businesses leading to more time being spent in online spaces. In fact, the last two years saw 80% of UK organisations become the subject…

Data Security – Top of the agenda?

data security banner
Every modern business needs to store and manage a substantial amount of data. Whether it’s financial data, contact information, or a database of employee details and passwords. The point is: you need to keep your data safe. But how can you keep it safe? Why should you care? To answer…

Harmonise your AMS with Hardware

zebra technologies hardware banner blog
Now that you’ve signed off on your new asset management software solution, Pro-Cloud, it will have become apparent that a hardware package to suit your requirements will be a necessity to maximize the use of the system.  With CSS being a proud partner of Zebra Technologies, we’re able to provide…

Emergency Services 2022

ess 2022 banner
We are excited to reveal that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Emergency Services Show that will commence on the 21st-22nd September. With the show being the leading annual showcase of the blue light sector, featuring over 450 exhibitors it is the perfect platform for our emergency service solutions.…

Enhance user experience

digital transformation blog banner
There are many components to consider when actively transforming your digital processes with user experience and satisfaction being key. Pro-Cloud BlueLight will enhance user experience by providing  Automation , Centralisation and Transparency!  Automation Your everyday asset management data collection will be transformed from manual, time consuming processes to automated click of…

Digitally Transform your FRS

BlueLight Transformation series banner 1
Changes in service provision and delivery to tackle the consequences of COVID-19 are inevitable as the country now moves towards building a recovery plan for a post-Covid era. How well did your Fire & Rescue Service withstand the Covid-19 pandemic? Was your service able to absorb the disruption caused by…

Cyber Security Meets FRS

Cyber Security Awareness Month Banner
Cyber Security Meets FRS Asset Management As Autumn and October approach they bring with them the month of Cyber Security Awareness. In a predominantly digital sector, cyber security is of the utmost importance as personal details and business operations need to always be kept as secure as possible. Here at…

Face-to-Face vs Virtual

Training head to head banner
Since the pandemic took hold of the world virtual fire and rescue asset management training sessions have become the new normal but is virtual training a better way to learn compared to the traditional face-to-face method? In this week’s blog, we take a look at the pros and cons of…