Mobile Device Management

Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) offering provides of organisations with a way to confidently enable, manage and secure applications.

mobile device management
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By utilising the AirWatch application, Pro-Cloud BlueLight enables separate work, personal apps and data, delivering standardised security and management capabilities for IT while maintaining an intuitive experience for your end users, regardless of the device manufacturer.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s device management ensures:

  • Enablement of productivity apps
  • A consistent and native user experience for both work and personal use on the same device
  • Easy delivery and access to work apps in a unified app catalogue
  • Protection of data
  • Optimised employee productivity
  • Streamlined fire & rescue service workflow
  • Increased visibility of mobile usage

*For full functionality android devices version 7.0 and upwards must be used.

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Update Mobile Apps Remotely

CSS’s IT administrator deploys, manages and updates the Pro-Cloud BlueLight app remotely, meaning you don’t have to worry about application updates, as well as ensuring your device software is up to date at all times. Our team are able to define blacklists to block installation of unapproved applications and define required apps that are unable to be uninstalled from the device.

Keep Data Secure

Prevent sharing of data between the personal and work side of a device. Configuration restrictions to the work profile, including disable screen capture, camera, Bluetooth, USB file transfer and more.

Boosting security has never been easier. For a granular layer of application security, passcodes and the ability to remotely lock or wipe data protects devices if they are ever lost or stolen.

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Increase Productivity and Control

Increase productivity in the workplace by separating work and personal apps as well as its data. Configuring device restrictions will raise data security and help you keep control of mobile activity. Our team can disable mobile functions, providing you with increased control when required.

Workspace ONE Assist

Workspace ONE Assist is used together with MDM, adding another layer of mobile visibility, ensuring devices are always working to their optimum.

  • Using Assist keeps devices on site while our team of experts diagnose and repair issues remotely, improving operational efficiencies, whilst saving a service time and money.
  • Assist provides us with the ability to offer remote training sessions, enabling on screen guidance through the app, to improve usability.