Work from Anywhere by Using Pro-Cloud BlueLight on Mobile

Our secure Pro-Cloud BlueLight mobile workforce module brings real-time visibility of your entire workforce, their job schedules and inventory data.

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    Provide flexibility to your fire and rescue workforce

    Through the use of Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s mobile app personnel will be able to notify others of important information within moments. Automate job schedules and allocate workflows, make adjustments when necessary through real-time analysis and be left assured that your people will always receive updates whether on or offline.

    The Pro-Cloud BlueLight mobile application can be used on a variety of mobile devices or handheld scanners, giving a flexible style of working to your workforce. Assign, complete and record asset data out in the field or at a station and get alerted immediately if an asset service, task or test fails.

    mobile workforce module screenshot on mobile
    mobile workforce screenshot on mobile

    Stay up-to-date in the field and back at base through advanced fire & rescue asset management barcoding options

    All assets have unique identification numbers that can either be scanned or manually entered, making sure they are accounted for at all times. A variety of barcoding options work in synergy with Pro-Cloud BlueLight including traditional GS1 barcodes, QR codes, RFID, GUID and NFC, bringing a more efficient, flexible way of working.

    Tasks and tests that are assigned to personnel will appear in their ‘My Jobs’ section within the mobile app, allowing users to carry out tasks and synchronise data back to management to view immediately.

    Benefit from...

    Immediate tracking and data capture of activities

    Real-time updates for management when agents are working in the field

    Increased workforce efficiencies and improved job satisfaction

    Proof of job completion with signature and photographic evidence

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      Please check our Privacy Notice For more details on how we process and protect your data.