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software for evidence auditing

Pro-Cloud Public Safety

We understand that there are a number of challenges facing the Public Safety sector as they push to modernise and streamline their services. Pro-Cloud Public Safety is the ultimate software solution for all arms of the public safety sector. This comes with a suite of modules designed to digitally transform police services, evidence management processes, and CSI teams.

Exploring Pro-Cloud Public Safety:

Pro-Cloud Public Safety can be implemented at every level of your police service. This ranges from basic asset management for the service itself with equipment, documents, and even storage solutions being tracked by the system, to evidence tracking and forensic departments. These can all be centralised into the system so you can access data from all over your organisation.

Whether it’s managing your catalogue, or generating reports, Pro-Cloud Public Safety not only meets your requirements but exceeds them. We do not compromise useability for power – our system’s inherent scalability allows it to grow with you.

Our suite of innovative modules and features are designed with public safety in mind. We offer a variety of industry-specific tools that empower you to digitally transform your police service at every level.

You can learn more about Pro-Cloud Public Safety and its modules here: Brochure

More than Software

RFID for Evidence Management

RFID technology is the next step in the evolution of evidence tracking and auditing. With RFID-enabled hardware and scanners you can carry out instant evidence inventory checks and receive real-time updates within a matter of seconds. This market-leading technology can be integrated across your entire operation, ensuring tracking and auditing processes can be carried out seamlessly.

Find more information about our labelling and tagging options here.

Being a Zebra Technologies ISV partner, we provide you with innovative software and cutting-edge hardware to transform your operations and maximise efficiency so you can continue your critical work with no impediments.

With innovative features, tools, and hardware on your side, you can transform your operations and revolutionise police work, evidence tracking audits, and more. This is only an overview of what Pro-Cloud Public Safety could bring your police service – further information about Pro-Cloud Public Safety and how it can revolutionise evidence tracking audits (and more), check out the resources below:

Police Evidence Tracking

Evidence Tracking – Blog

Alternatively, contact our Business Development team


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