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Asset labelling is paramount when
tracking equipment effectively.

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Decide on an asset labelling option to suit your service

Configuring the correct labels for your printers and fire and rescue service is paramount to ensuring your assets are managed effectively. Using incorrect labels can halt operations and cost your service valuable time and money. We offer a variety of certified Zebra labels to ensure you implement the correct labelling solution throughout your operation.

Select from RFID, NFC, GS1, EAN – 128 barcoding or QR codes. All asset labels will have a built-in unique asset identification number, meaning you can track and trace items throughout their complete life cycle.

We know that fire and rescue services have their own labelling preferences, which is why we provide the following options:

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RFID is an intelligent asset tagging option that will talk to Pro-Cloud BlueLight and detect every asset in one go.

NFC tags are one of the most durable tags on the market, ideal for fire and rescue services whose assets are put through traumatic experiences every day.

GS1 and EAN – 128 Barcoding – this option is your standard barcoding option, with GS1 UK providing unique numbers to identify assets.

QR Codes – can be used for an asset and its storage location. They are extremely responsive and can be scanned by all handheld devices.

Once a labelling option is selected and the labels have been attached to an asset all you will have to do is scan the barcode, which will automatically locate the item from the catalogue provided by your service on go live.

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Printed Information

You choose what and how much information you want printed onto the asset label. With a variety of label printers available, you will then endeavour to print the labels through your chosen printer model, it really is that simple!