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bluelight tasks and tests for fire and rescue services

Pro-Cloud BlueLight has a vast amount of modules on offer to help fire and rescue services to maximise their operational efficiencies, ranging from inventory management to fleet monitoring. But today we’re highlighting the Task and Testing Board and how our BlueLight software helps services take their operations to the next level.

firestationTask and Testing Board Explained

The task and testing board in Pro-Cloud BlueLight allows BlueLight services to track test activities against specific assets as well as assign tasks to personnel to manage certain jobs. One of the main benefits of utilising this module is hands-on management for important tasks and processes.

Scheduled and Ad-Hoc Testing

The module separates testing into either scheduled tests or ad-hoc tests, with scheduled tests being inspections or safety checks that are a regular occurrence or a legal requirement like an MOT or PAT inspection. These can be set up as automated alerts within the system meaning your fire and rescue service has a fully auditable record of maintenance, inspection, and repairs for the important assets in your inventory.

On the other hand, “Ad-Hoc” testing refers to a test that can be carried out whenever, wherever, and by any agent. These tests could be anything like testing the tyre pressure of a vehicle, or just performing a quality check on certain items. This provides you with greater involvement in the quality control of your assets as well as enhanced visibility across your BlueLight inventory.

Tasks & Work Management

With the task feature, certain jobs (either scheduled or unscheduled) can be assigned from the interface to any agent registered on the system, allowing for more efficient workflow management. The task feature also allows you to configure questionnaires against specific assets to ensure important maintenance is being carried out without fail. These questionnaires can even incorporate photographic evidence, allowing for tighter control over workflow and the daily processes within your service. This ties into the main benefit of the module being greater control and monitoring capabilities of your inventory.

firefighter holding mask…and more

This module comes with other benefits as well. It provides reporting options allowing you to track trends in any test failures so management can make better procurement decisions based on the results. This is because the Pro-Cloud BlueLight dashboard provides real-time updates of passed, failed, or incomplete tests. Not to mention how these features provide the added benefit of full reporting in line with statutory and legal requirements.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight streamlines and automates important fire and rescue daily processes making it the premier asset management solution for BlueLight services on both a managerial and agent level.


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