Why is Software Support Important?

why is software support important


At CSS we’re proud of our exemplary software support services and continuously strive to deliver the best technical guidance. Read on to find out why a support service is important when procuring a software platform and how we use different support services throughout CSS.

What is software support?

helpdesk teamIn a nutshell, software support is a service where you will receive guidance and technical help with a software programme – normally one you have installed or purchased from an external provider. Typically, software support can be divided into different tiers. According to ITIL (a global framework for exemplary IT practices), these levels go from 0 to 4; with 0 denoting user-retrieved support (like a help document or automated prompts) and 4 being a team of dedicated software developers and engineers patching issues in real time.

By working in this structure, software support encompasses just about any issue a user could have, whether it’s as simple as dealing with password errors or investigation architectural issues in the program. With so many fields covered, it’s clear that software support is a crucial component to the success of any modern organisation.customer support illustration

Why is it necessary?

The main objective of software support is, well… support. It’s important that users are provided with the smoothest possible experience and that any obstacles that are dealt with quickly and professionally. Software support can come in many forms such as an online ticketing system, over-the-phone support, a live chat platform or even remote troubleshooting, which can help both parties: with the user being able to access the program, and the IT personnel becoming even more familiar with the inner workings of the system.

How it can benefit you

Here’s a scenario: someone is using external software and suddenly has an issue they can’t resolve they call the helpdesk and provide details of the problem. Now, this problem could escalate beyond a user error and could actually be a sign of a flaw in the software, meaning the issue will be passed along to a development team for patching. Flagging and fixing an issue like this is important because it holds several benefits:

  1. customer supportLearning opportunities by regularly answering queries and common requests, both the software provider and the user can learn more about the fundamentals of the software and its inner workings
  2. Good for customer retention operating a dedicated support team ensures clients have a smooth and user-friendly experience while also helping with your company image
  3. Constructive feedback every interaction and transaction between a client and a provider is a chance to gain constructive feedback about how certain things can be done to improve the experience of software usage and software support
  4. Improvement identifying risks within the software or obstacles that hinder usability gives the provider the opportunity to improve the service and ensure it’s running as efficiently and smoothly as possible

How Do We Approach Software Support at CSS?

At CSS we understand how software support is important and recognise the benefits it holds for all. We have several systems in place to ensure the clients using our software get the best support available. This includes a telephone and online helpdesk facility. Our online service is the cloud-based offering Zendesk that allows for an auditable ticketing trail for peace of mind for both parties. Meaning when a ticket is raised, customers gain a transparent overview of ticket progress, priority classification and the name of their designated support personnel. We also provide a Live Chat service for immediate assistance if required.

We adopt a multi-faceted approach to customer service and we’re proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified – proving we maintain a strong commitment to first-class customer service and exemplary support. This coupled with our team of software experts takes our support to the next level.

Now you should realise why software support is so important and why we value it so highly at CSS.


To find out more about our software support offering visit: https://pro-cloud-bluelight.com/software-support/ or contact our Business Development Team on 0800 652 0488 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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