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In order to keep up with the demands of modern Fire & Rescue services, you’ll need a robust proven fire and rescue fleet management solution. Pro-Cloud Fleet can be used as a standalone system or as a bolt-on module to the Pro-Cloud BlueLight solution and can be tailored to suit the demands of your service. This fire and rescue fleet management solution allows you to track and audit every emergency vehicle registered in your fleet, meaning you have total visibility over your fleet’s efficiency and greater control over your costs.

One issue you may be facing at the moment is the expenditure, limited oversight of vehicles, and poor cost efficiencies of managing your emergency vehicles from using an outdated legacy of paper-based system. Pro-Cloud Fleet eliminates this by centralizing all you data into one location and enabling speedy accessibility to records. This digitally transforms fleet processes and enables you to go paperless, helping daily processes to be streamlined. Additionally, by being a cloud-based software solution, you wouldn’t nee to rely on an internet connection to update the system meaning you can now work anytime, anywhere. This anytime, anywhere working solution will also help you keep up with the demands and strains that are typical in the day of a fire and rescue service.

Pro-Cloud Fleet tracks and traces all registered vehicles in your fire and rescue fleet and provides you with information using the DVLA API lookup so you can centralize a wide range of data in a simple-to-use interface. The Fleet solution also incorporates telematic trackers to monitor a host of details pertaining to registered vehicles in your fleet, including acceleration and deceleration speeds, engine RPM, fuel pressure, and more. Having this data will not only give you total visibility of the details for your emergency vehicles, but it will also help you forecast and plan more optimised routes while simultaneously allowing you to monitor if and when a vehicle requires maintenance. As a result, these telematic trackers will help you prolong the life of your fleet assets.

All of this comes together by using a tried and tested fire and rescue fleet management system – Pro-Cloud BlueLight. To conclude, the Pro-Cloud BlueLight solution brings instant visualization to your fire and rescue fleet and ensures all vehicles are managed effectively.

Find out more about how Pro-Cloud Fleet can benefit your service by visiting: or book a software demo with us by contacting our Business Development Team on 0800 652 0488 or email


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