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There are many components to consider when actively transforming your digital processes with user experience and satisfaction being key.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight will enhance user experience by providing 

Automation , Centralisation and Transparency! 


Your everyday asset management data collection will be transformed from manual, time consuming processes to automated click of a button asset information, enabling your fire and rescue staff to focus on their day jobs and respond quicker to emergency calls.

By using an easy to navigate online software platform your teams will benefit from:

    • Accurate and efficient inventory management
    • Improved stock accuracy
    • An integrated way of working across all stations 
    • Automated task and testing schedules 
    • Real-time job scheduling


Another core benefit of using Pro-Cloud BlueLight is centralising other associated operations into the system, providing a single centralised solution for users to access, eliminating the need to remember multiple login details. As well as assets Pro-Cloud BlueLight will manage:

    • Stock visibility
    • Purchasing
    • Repair workshops
    • Maintenance and servicing schedules
    • Job scheduling

Using an inventory management solution that provides automation and centralises all equipment information contributes to ensuring that all appliances and equipment are in-place and ready to be utilised for an emergency call out. Users from all departments can monitor assets and react to specific responsibilities which include but are not limited to;

    • Equipment replacement monitoring or restocking
    • Equipment receipt, tagging and order picking
    • Tracking Equipment and appliance servicing
    • Raising defects directly to workshop including out of hours
    • Undertaking daily Inventory checks on appliances


Transparency of service and performance will be increased, enabling key analytical data to be realised and outcomes managed accordingly.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight provides data in many forms that allow each operational area to monitor their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure the service is being managed to expected levels. Data is presented at an operational and management level to ensure transparency of the service.

Each element of the service can track performance in real-time including;

    • Response to defects in line with KPI’s
    • Availability of the service – on-the-run vs. off-the-run percentages
    • Equipment and appliance maintenance – on-time vs. late percentages
    • Financial cost of maintenance
    • Equipment tracking – faults, loss, decommissioning percentages

Begin enhancing your users experience today and digitally transform your Fire and Rescue Service.

Contact our Business Development Team for further information via email: sales@csseurope.co.uk or phone: 0800 652 0488

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