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Changes in service provision and delivery to tackle the consequences of COVID-19 are inevitable as the country now moves towards building a recovery plan for a post-Covid era.

How well did your Fire & Rescue Service withstand the Covid-19 pandemic? Was your service able to absorb the disruption caused by sudden changes to working practices? These and many unanswered questions have made organisations re-examine their operational processes and be as future-proof as possible. Projects and decisions that dominate Strategic & Improvement agendas include but are not limited to;

  • The Innovation Programme – setting a mandate to move from legacy or non-electronic systems and processes
  • The Transformation Programme – using this opportunity to do things better or different with systems that assist in compliance with regulations
  • The Improvement Plan – setting performance-related targets such as being a value-added service to the wider community

Our Pro-Cloud BlueLight solution supports Fire & Rescue Services across the country by digitally transforming the way they manage their critical everyday equipment and fleet of vehicles.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing a series of papers that will demonstrate how Pro-Cloud BlueLight can transform the way your fire and rescue service works.

Transformation Series Part 1

Data Accuracy

From Goods In to the decommissioning of assets data is automatically captured and managed in real-time. All assets are provided with a unique ID’s that are used throughout their entire lifecycle, with the goods receipt process captures crucial data such as;

    • Acquisition Date
    • Asset Value
    • Unique Asset Number – automatically assigned
    • Asset Replacement Year
    • Warranty Expiration Year
    • Next Service Date

During the equipment usage, Pro-Cloud BlueLight will capture full digital asset lifecycle records including;

    • Asset Movements
    • Asset Locations
    • Asset Service History

Finally, alerts will be automated for;

    • Overdue Tasks
    • Failed Tasks
    • Assets not at Home Location
    • Faulty Equipment Notifications

Accessibility and Traceability

Pro-Cloud BlueLight is accessible through the click of a button and provides comprehensive data records of all asset information and associated activities. Whether you are a paper intensive service or are using locally stored-electronic media you will reap the benefits of using an all encompassing digital solution. In taking the quantum leap to go digital with Pro-Cloud BlueLight the benefits include but are not limited to;

    • The centralisation of data in a single electronic cloud-based system
    • The ability to access asset data on-demand from any location
    • A secure software platform that can be configured by user permissions
    • A full audit trail from the creation of an asset, asset movements, updates and decommissioning
    • Asset update accountability linked to the end-user, date and time

Environment Impact

The most evident benefit of using a digital asset and fleet management solution is the environment impact. Pro-Cloud BlueLight will reduce/eliminate your paper outlay and will contribute to your environmental responsibility. Rightly so, this reason alone is the driving force towards change for many, however, there are many more benefits of reducing paper usage and ultimately becoming paper-free.

    • Costs will be reduced through the elimination of printing and archive storage costs
    • It saves time as data will be accessible in real-time online
    • Data reliability will be improved by reducing human error and lost information
    • Data security will be increased
    • Multiple users will be able to access data anytime, anywhere


Adhering to compliance regulations can be a challenge, however a digitised system can alleviate this stress as it provides a full audit trail of it all. Pro-Cloud BlueLight provides Business Intelligence Reporting, enabling users to drill down and evaluate every aspect of their service and a simplified way of meeting compliance requirements.

Look out for Part 2 of our Pro-Cloud transformation series that will be released in the coming weeks. 

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