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A key factor to a successful implementation is choosing the right team.

Our On-Boarding team is with you from start to finish of the implementation process and, combined with your members of staff, will aim to integrate our chosen solution as seamlessly as possible. Your selected team will then take the momentum and reins when our team has left. For that you need a team you can trust to do their absolute best.


Who do you need?

Your team should be able to edit all and pave the way. So four key players we would suggest are:

•  The Judge
•  The Banker
•  The Guide
•  The Instructor


In some cases the only thing standing in the way of our team or key milestones in the project is authorisation. A good choice of team member is someone that can say yes and get our team the permissions they need to go ahead with the project. This could be the person that has the authority themselves or someone who can get it ASAP, saving time and the climb through the internal chain of command.


The Judge is backed up with a money savvy team member. It doesn’t matter if you can get all the yes’s and go ahead’s you need, without the financial knowledge and backing of the company and budgets etc. the implementation will come to a standstill and nothing will get done on time or maybe even at all.


Your third key player should be someone who knows the lay of the land and can get you there quickly. They’ll know where the assets and all of their corresponding info is stored, enabling the team to work efficiently without waiting days or weeks for answers.

Finally we have…


This person should be someone who uses your old system frequently and can be the trailblazer on the new solution. They will get to know the new system extensively and be the troubleshooter for your company. All selected members of staff will be trained to operate your chosen solution but having someone they know and trust be knowledgeable in the system can help ease the transition.

These, however, are only a few key players that can make up your A-Team. The best fit is staff that are multi-functional, can play a lot of roles and provide great input in to the project.

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