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As technology and life around us evolves at a phenomenal rate with the likes of travel, tracking and all manners of digital transformation it’s only realistic for your business and asset management system to keep pace and get ahead of the game by doing the same and digitally transforming it’s tracking capabilities. Embracing a new asset management software solution your business will not only benefit from ease of use it will:

• Save you time
• Reduce errors
• Eliminate paper outlay

All through the use of its mobile capabilities.

Save you time

Many may see the task of asset management as laborious and leave it till that annual audit time before tackling the job of updating entries. Completing jobs and tasks as you go along, day-to-day will save you time and the best way to do this is right when the task is done. With a handheld device complete with our software application you can update your asset management system in real-time. No need to waste time going back to the office and logging onto a computer, it’s right there in the palm of your hand, allowing you the freedom to move to your next task without delay.

Reduce Errors

We seem to find that errors generally come from delays. These could be time delays such as the time between getting to and from the office to log information on a system only accessible from one location. Or delays created from connectivity issues on the move when accessing WiFi. With our asset management mobile app these delays are eliminated. The mobile app allows you to log all information aspects of the job there and then ready for the next person to pick up. More importantly our mobile software continues to work without a live internet connection. You can complete your job through the app and all the information is stored safely and uploaded to the main system when an internet connection is available.

Eliminate paper outlay

While life and work continues to transform from day-to-day the world is looking at businesses to accept Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This is to look internally at how their business operates and how they can reduce their impact on the global carbon footprint. The mobile app that works in conjunction with our asset management system can help you make a difference by reducing and ultimately eliminating the amount of paper your business uses. From work orders to individual jobs or clients to audit checks and stock management. With all the up-to-date information you could ever need at each of your employees fingertips the need to print and use excess paper can be eliminated.

An asset management mobile app that incorporates and works in conjunction with your asset management operations can only be a great addition in helping your business monitor and track your assets in real-time, aiding you on your way to a complete digital transformation.

For more information about the benefits of our asset management solution, Pro-Cloud and its dedicated mobile application please visit our website: or contact our Business Development Team for a chat at or call 0800 652 0488.

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