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Are you currently using old fashioned reporting methods to collect business data and looking for a blue light asset management system that can provide comprehensive in-depth analysis of your fire & rescue inventory management operation?

Using the correct reporting tools can transform a service and provide real-time information required to improve efficiencies and spot trends. Reporting on every day operations will:

  • Address specific issues
  • Enable comparisons between regional & station asset data
  • Assist in making key business decisions
  • Bring clarity to areas of your service
  • Streamline fire & rescue inventory management procedures

Microsoft Business Intelligence Reporting (BI) is the answer to all your analytical requirements. BI reporting gathers data and extracts relevant insights.

The proven reporting suite has become fundamental for many organisations, enabling a clear understanding of fire & rescue operations and inventory management. When utilising BI reports, a more in-depth analysis of data is provided, details of business areas are realised, and comparisons are made with confidence.

There are so many benefits of using BI Reports, and if used correctly the information obtained can become invaluable to a service.

Here at CSS, we utilise BI reports throughout our software solutions. BI reporting can be used across all our platforms, specifically our fire and rescue inventory management system, Pro-Cloud BlueLight, which allows both in-built and bespoke reports to be generated at any time. Customising reports allows a service to drill down and analyse every part of their operation, with a variety of data sets to choose from.

Having access to reporting options also enables full evaluation of individual and team performance. Reports can compare KPI’s and provides the tools to feedback to personnel and boost everyday performance.

To find out more about our fire and rescue inventory management system, Pro-Cloud BlueLight and our BI reporting capabilities email: or phone: 0800 652 0488

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