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Benefits of a Combined Software and Hardware Asset Management Solution

Managing assets effectively is no small task. For ongoing accurate asset data items need to be tracked throughout their whole lifecycle, databases for their information need to be comprehensive, and every single process needs to be logged, verified, and authenticated. With these requirements, it’s important that your asset management solution is as efficient as possible to ensure maximum visibility and total control. This is achieved by combining an intuitive software platform and the hardware to match.

cogs and handsAt CSS we offer the asset management software solution Pro-Cloud BlueLight, with variations to suit different sectors. Ranging from a core system of asset and inventory management, to more specialised programmes for the emergency services, the public sector, and community equipment services. All our solutions come equipped with a wide variety of modules designed to streamline and digitally transform your daily processes for maximum efficiency. These modules can help you track assets, transfer inventory between locations, and visualise and export data for reporting or auditing purposes.

Why You Should Integrate Software and Hardware

So, what is the main benefit of using one supplier that can offer both software and hardware options? Simply put, synergy. By using one supplier for both you know that all the recommended hardware will work seamlessly with the software offering. It will have been tried and tested by many organisations and the supplier will be able to pinpoint what is best for your operational requirements.

Since Pro-Cloud BlueLight is designed with usability in mind, it works brilliantly with the sleek and robust hardware offerings our partner Zebra Technologies have to offer. This partnership ensures we can provide you with the most advanced and efficient barcode technology solutions on the market.

What Hardware Do We Offer?

Being a proud partner of Zebra Technologies, we can offer a varied assortment of hardware, big or small, for whatever your needs may be. Whether it’s mobile scanners, tablets, or printers, we can guarantee the hardware we provide will help you digitally transform your processes.

Scannerstc26 with bluelight screen

For example, the TC26 is a handy mobile computer with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, ensuring connectivity is always a priority which makes it ideal for working in any environment. There’s also the TC72 with its smartphone-inspired accessibility, or the TC57 with WWAB capability.

Upgrade any scanner with the RFD40 UHF Sled – an attachment which transforms a scanner into an RFID-enabled powerhouse boasting 1300 simultaneous tag reads per second.

Tabletstablets with screenshots

Handle all-day everyday business with a suitable tablet. The ET56 is a durable and efficient solution coming with either 8.4 or 10.1 inch screens with bright viewable displays for a range of needs and requirements.

This ensures you have the ability to manage operations across every level of your organisation.

zebra zt411 label printerPrinters

Making sure your assets are labelled properly is extremely important, so it’s important to ensure your printing hardware is high quality.

One option is a durable and versatile printer like the ZT411, equipped with advanced connectivity options, a rugged sturdy frame, and a user-friendly touch display making it ideal for busy, high-pressure spaces.

When you combine features like these with sleek and sturdy designs, you get high-quality hardware that delivers unrivalled performance and durability

Click here to learn more about our hardware offerings.

How to Integrate Hardware with a Software Solution

With so many different pieces of hardware with varying specifications, advanced functions, and price ranges, it’s important to pick the options that are best suited for you specifically. This can be difficult if technology isn’t your area of expertise.

That’s where we come in.

Our Implementation Team will be there every step of the way to take your requests on board and work out what’s best for you. We strive to deliver effective and accessible solutions to a range of organisations and sectors.

Not to mention we offer Mobile Device Management as well as Zebra OneCare so you can rest assured that in an emergency your hardware will be covered by a comprehensive support and repair plan.


For more information about how Pro-Cloud BlueLight could benefit your service, contact our Business Development Team

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